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SALT is a co-op where parents cooperate together to teach classes, therefore it is imperative that each family have one parent willing to teach two classes and assist with other classes throughout the day.  This parent will be expected to attend co-op every week for the duration of the school year*.
To become a member of SALT, each family must be interviewed by the SALT Board.  To qualify for enrollment, each family must be willing to pay the SALT membership fee, sign the SALT contract, Parent/Student Contract and a Statement of Faith. These documents are available below for you to print and review.  Members of SALT must also be a member of HERF (Home Educators of Rainbow Forest) .  Although it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that each family has a membership with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

Tuition & Fees

The fee for SALT membership is currently $250 a year per family.  The first installment of $150 is due immediately upon acceptance, and the remaining $100 is due on Orientation Night, which will be held in August.  FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.  Additional fees may apply for classes that require supplemental materials and supplies.  Each family will be responsible for purchasing all of the curriculum and supplies required for their child’s classes. 

*Withdrawal fees:  Due to the strong commitment needed by each family to run an effective co-op, there is a fee of $300.00 for withdrawing once the contract has been signed for a specified school year.
Tuition & Fees

Applying for Membership

Each family who would like to apply for membership should first fill out an application and submit it to the board using the button below.  Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you to schedule an interview.  If you just have a few questions, feel free to email us at .

Once the interview is complete, please discuss what you learned during the interview with your family. If you are all in agreement with the requirements of SALT, please pray earnestly over the decision to make a year-long commitment to SALT co-op.


If you feel that the Lord is leading your family to join co-op, use the contact information given to you to let us know of your decision.   Following membership approval, each family is required to complete,  electronically sign and submit the contract using the button below.  You will receive a pdf copy of the contract via email after submission.

Application Process
Files & Forms
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